Duncan SY 545 Patch Attach Ceramic & Greenware Mender 4 Oz Jar -Fires to Cone 04

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This quality ceramic cement is used to attach or repair greenware or bisque, so it's easy to see why most ceramists consider Patch-A-Tatch an essential product for ceramics. Gently scratch crisscross lines on areas to be joined. Using a soft brush, moisten scored areas or broken edges with water. Use the same brush to apply a good coat of Patch-A-Tatch to these areas. Quickly attach or fit the pieces together and hold securely for a few seconds. Brush a little Patch-A-Tatch over the joint and, when set and thoroughly dry, scrape, sand, sponge or otherwise finish, and the piece is ready for decorating or firing. Clean up with water. For use with cone 04 ceramics only.

  • Quality ceramic cement is used to attach or repair greenware or bisque ceramic pieces.
  • This product can be the difference between saving a piece and throwing it out.
  • Ceramic piece is then fired to cone 04 after mending to make it permanent.
  • 4 ounce jar.
  • Made In USA

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